Quarters of Luxembourg City

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The Quarters of Luxembourg City (Luxembourgish: Quartierën, French: Quartiers, German: Stadtteile) are the smallest administrative division for local government in Luxembourg City, the capital and largest city in the Grand Duchy of Luxembourg.

There are currently twenty-four quarters, covering the commune of Luxembourg City in its entirety. They are:

The 24 quarters of Luxembourg City vary in size greatly: a legacy of the historical expansion of the city limits.
Quarters shaded by population. Greater population is reflected by darker shades of blue.
Quarter Population (as of 31 December 2018)[1]
Beggen 3,746
Belair 11,494
North Bonnevoie-Verlorenkost 4,296
South Bonnevoie 12,734
Cents 6,316
Cessange 4,479
Clausen 963
Dommeldange 2,587
Eich 2,961
Gare 10,741
Gasperich 6,465
Grund 931
Hamm 1,495
Hollerich 7,107
Kirchberg 5,673
Limpertsberg 10,435
Merl 5,801
Muhlenbach 1,966
Neudorf-Weimershof 6,315
Pfaffenthal 1,270
Pulvermuhl 391
Rollingergrund-North Belair 4,459
Ville Haute 3,460
Weimerskirch 2,430


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