Queen of Norway's Crown

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The Queen's Crown of Norway. DigitaltMuseum.no Project.

The crown of the Queen of Norway was made in 1830 for Désirée Clary's coronation. It did not take place, and was first used in 1860, for the coronation of Louise of the Netherlands.

It was made in Stockholm and, though it is unknown by whom, probably by Marc Giron, the royal jeweller, some have speculated it may have been by Erik Lundberg, or, perhaps is a combination of both's work, and the design is probably based on the crown of Louisa Ulrika of Prussia.

It is made of silver-gilt and gold, and is decorated with a number of multicoloured gems and pearls, including violet (Amethysts), yellow (Citrine and Topaz) and green (chrysoprase). It weighs approx 530g.

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