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Sacred Heart University
MottoInspiring Minds, Unleashing Hearts.

Sacred Heart University Luxembourg (SHU Luxembourg) is a private business school that offers MBA programs and executive education in Luxembourg (Luxembourg City). SHU Luxembourg is the European branch of the Sacred Heart University, Jack Welch College of Business,in Fairfield, Connecticut (CT) (*1). The university has been established in Luxembourg for over 25 years (*2), offering MBA graduate level programs tailored to the needs of working professionals. Its program specializations feature full-time MBA program with an internship, a part-time MBA program, part-time certificate programs, as well as a variety of one-week seminars.


In 1991 the Jack Welch College of Business opened its European branch in Luxembourg. Since then the Sacred Heart University (SHU) Luxembourg has been offering a part-time MBA program and graduate certificates tailored to the needs of the professionals working in Luxembourg. Executive Education and 1-week seminars are also available. In 2012 the full-time MBA with Internship program was added.

Created in 1991, the university was derived out of the need to connect professionals with an academic institution which would provide the necessary training in order to advance in their career. Henri Ahlborn (*15), the then director of the Chamber of Commerce, reached out to universities in the United States in order to find a suitable institution. As a result, Sacred Heart University has been offering an internationally accredited MBA program in Luxembourg, the first of its kind in Luxembourg. The Program taking flight in 1991, its focus surrounded providing a sustainable executive education conjoined with hands on experience in international business affairs.(*3)

In January 2006, the Sacred Heart’s College of Business was named after the former chairman and CEO of the General Electric Company, John F. Welch. As part of his commitment to the university, Mr. Welch has volunteered to be actively involved with the Jack Welch College of Business through ongoing advice and guidance(*4). Initially called John F. College of Business, the school was renamed Jack Welch College of Business & Technology.

Located in the financial sector and of many European institutions, SHU Luxembourg offers a highly diverse interaction with students coming from over 50 different nationalities, which reflects the multicultural society of Luxembourg (*6).

Recent History[edit]

In addition to providing MBA programs, SHU Luxembourg also hosts undergraduate students from Fairfield. Being an American university, the undergraduate program is targeted for individuals who are pursuing completion of their undergraduate studies while also seeking an opportunity to study in Europe. SHU Luxembourg provides a spring semester program as well as short-term courses offered during the summer (*7).

SHU Luxembourg has awarded honorary degrees to exceptional personalities in Luxembourg. The most recent recipient is Prime Minister Xavier Bettel (*19).


SHU Luxembourg programs are designed to enable individuals to advance their career. It is suitable for graduate student seeking to gain substantial work experience while completing an MBA at the same time, business professionals making progress in their current occupations or young professionals aiming at redirecting their career.

MBA with Internship[edit]

This MBA is a 18-month full-time program including a 6-9-month paid internship. The program comprises individual career coaching and the option to take courses in the US campus. There is the possibility of obtaining a work permit after the MBA program is completed. This type of program is generally geared toward graduates with little work experience(*8).

  • Tuition Fees: 39.000 Euros
  • Application Deadline: EU Nationals - 1 July, Non-EU Nationals - 1 May

Part-Time MBA[edit]

The Part-Time MBA program can be completed in a period of at least 18 months and at most 6 years. The program is designed for working professionals, with courses held in the evenings with the option to take a two-week study trip to Asia or to the US campus. Individual and academic planning of career goals are also provided through this program. The Part-Time MBA is intended for working professionals who aspire to leadership positions (*9).

  • Tuition Fees: 29.000 Euros

Non-degree programs[edit]

Certificate Programs[edit]

SHU Luxembourg offers certificate programs such as:

  • Core Business Skill Certificate
  • Corporate Finance Certificate
  • Leadership Certificate
  • Management in the Digital Age
  • Modern Business Management
  • Private Equity Certificate

Each program consists of 4 courses in order to explore the subject in depth and apply new concepts in practical situations.

One-week seminars[edit]

In only four or five sessions, students you can develop their professional network and skill set in a particular field (*10).

Executive education[edit]

Executive education consists of two-day workshops.

Accreditation and rankings[edit]

  • The Jack Welch College of Business is accredited by the AACSB International; an elite membership of fewer than five (5%) percent of business schools worldwide (*11).
  • Sacred Heart University Luxembourg earned the Grand Ducal Decree which provides recognition of SHU diplomas with the Luxembourg Ministry of Higher Education (*12). Furthermore, Sacred Heart University is listed as a recognized university by the Chinese Ministry of Education (*13).
  • Best Business Schools for Part-Time MBA by Bloomberg Business week (*14) and by U.S. News & World Report (*15).
  • Sacred Heart University Jack Welch College of Business has been named one of the best business schools by the Princeton Review (*16).
  • Sacred Heart University has been named fourth most innovative schools in the North by the U.S. News & World Report (*17).
  • The university has been upgraded to an A3 Moody business rating (*18).

Honorary degrees[edit]

Name Year
Prime Minister Xavier Bettel (*19) 2017
Pierre Gramegna (*20) 2015
Michel Wurth (*21)       2012
Paul Helminger (*22) 2010
Viviane Reding (*23)   2009
Romain Bausch (*24) 2008
Dr. Jan R.T.M Peters, Sj   2007
Luc Frieden (*25) 2006
Marc Hoffmann 2005
Ambassador Peter Terpeluk, Jr (*26) 2005
Joseph Kinsch (*27) 2004
The Most Reverend Fernand Franck (*28) 2003
Prosper Schroeder 2002
Erna Hennicot- Schoepges (*29) 2001
Andre Roelants 2001
Norbert Becker 2000
Jacques Santer (*30) 1997
Edmond Israel (*31)   1996
Georges Calteux (*32)   1996
Fernand Braun 1995
Henri Ahlborn (*33) 1995
Gaston Thorn (*34) 1994
Pierre Werner (*35) 1993
His Royal Highness Grand Duke Henri (*36) 1992

Board of regents[edit]

  • Norbert Becker, chairman of the board of regents, chairman, ATOZ; chairman of the board of directors, PayPal Europe
  • Romain Bausch, chairman of the board of directors of SES (*24)
  • Federico Galizia, chief risk officer, Inter-American Development Bank
  • Guy Harles, co-chair, founding partner, Arendt & Medernach
  • Marc Hoffmann, chairman of executive committee and CEO of Quilvest Wealth Management and CBP Quilvest S.A.
  • Jean-Claude Hollerich, archbishop, Église Catholique à Luxembourg (*37)
  • Didier Mouget, managing partner, PricewaterhouseCoopers Luxembourg (2007 to 2015)
  • Paul-Michael Schonenberg, chairman and CEO of AMCHAM Luxembourg
  • Carlo Thelen, director general, Luxembourg Chamber of Commerce
  • Mark Tluszcz, co-founder and chief executive officer, Mangrove Capital Partners (*38)
  • Jacques Santer, former regent, former prime minister, Luxembourg; former president, European Commission (*30)
  • Pierre Gramegna, former regent (2004–2014), Minister of Finance, Luxembourg Ministry of Finance (*20)
  • Henri Ahlborn, former regent, former director general of Luxembourg Chamber of Commerce (*33)


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