Social Liberal Movement

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Social Liberal Movement
German nameSozial-Liberale Bewegung
French nameMouvement socio-libéral
Italian nameMovimento social-liberale
PresidentSamuel Schmid
Founded23 April 2011
HeadquartersBalderstrasse 13
3007 Berne
IdeologySocial conservatism [1]
National Council
0 / 200
Council of States
0 / 46
Cantonal legislatures
0 / 2,609

Swiss Federal Council
Federal Chancellor
Federal Assembly
Council of States (members)
National Council (members)

The Social Liberal Movement (German: Sozial-Liberale Bewegung, SLB; French: Mouvement socio-libéral, MSL; Italian: Movimento social-liberale, MSL) is a social conservative[1] party in Switzerland. Founded in 2011, the SLB has one member of the National Council.

The party was founded by Samuel Schmid on 23 April 2011.[2] Schmid, a member of the Grand Council of Aargau originally elected for the right-wing Federal Democratic Union, was joined in June 2011 by Ricardo Lumengo, a member of the National Council originally elected for the centre-left Social Democratic Party.

The party has branches in Aargau, Bern, and Zurich, and claims to have hundreds of members.[3]

The party failed to have any representatives elected at the 2011 federal election: winning 0.5% of the vote in Aargau and 0.3% of the vote in Bern.


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