Storm Off a Sea Coast

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Painting of a coastal scene with ships in stormy weather
Storm Off a Sea Coast also known as The Breakwater by Jacob van Ruisdael

Storm Off a Sea Coast, also known as The Breakwater, is a 1670 oil on canvas painting by the Dutch Golden Age painter Jacob van Ruisdael. It is in the collection of the Louvre in Paris.[1]

The painting is called A Storm at Sea Off the Dykes of Holland in the 1911 catalogue raisonné by Hofstede de Groot; it is catalogue number 961. He wrote "On the right is a dyke lined with piles, beyond which is a fisherman's cottage with a few trees. On the left corner of the dyke, great waves are breaking. Farther back rise the masts of several large vessels, as well as the stern with a Dutch flag." [2] The painting is called Storm Off a Sea Coast in Slive's 2001 catalogue raisonné of Ruisdael, catalogue number 653.[3]

In the 19th century Vincent van Gogh called this painting by Ruisdael, along with The Bush and Ray of Light, "magnificent".[4]

The Louvre has in French: "L'Estacade ou Gros temps sur une digue de Hollande, dit aussi Une tempête". Its inventory number is INV. 1818. Its dimensions are 110 cm x 160 cm.[5]



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