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Suavegotha (died after 549), also known as Suavegotta or Suavegotho, was probably the wife of the Frankish king Theuderic I.

Suavegotha was the daughter of the Burgundian king Sigismund and his Ostrogothic wife Ostrogotho. According to the historian Gregory of Tours, Theuderic married a daughter of the Burgundian king Sigismund. He does however not mention the name of this wife. The wife of Theuderic is often identified with the queen Suavegotha mentioned by the 10th century chronicler Flodoard. According to Flodoard, Suavegotha had a daughter named Theudechild. According to the German historian Eugen Ewig, Suavegotha was the wife of Theuderich, and the daughter of Sigismund's second wife, whose name is unknown.


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