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Tate Etc.
EditorSimon Grant (2004-present)
Categoriesart magazines
Frequency3 a year
FounderSimon Grant, Bice Curiger
First issueMay 2004 (2004-May)
CountryUnited Kingdom
Based inLondon

Tate Etc. is an arts magazine produced within Britain's Tate organisation of arts and museums. Prior to the production of Tate Etc. the Tate produced eight issues in 2002 and 2003 of its forerunner, Tate Magazine, variously called Tate International Arts and Culture and Tate Arts and Culture. Founded by Simon Grant and Bice Curiger, Tate Etc. first appeared in the Summer of 2004, and issues have been produced 3 times a year. The masthead of the magazine carries the legend, "Visiting and Revisiting, Art etcetera."

Issues of Tate Magazine, 2002–2003[edit]

Issues of Tate Etc., 2004–the present[edit]

  • Tate Etc., Issue 1, Summer 2004. Articles: The Pleasures of Sadness, Earthly Delights, He is poetic, but... Still Swinging after all these Years?, Lives of the Artists, Private View: Sigmar Polke, The Perception of Symmetry, I've got this Strange Feeling, Cultivated Minds, Aesthetics of Alienation...[7]
  • Tate Etc., Issue 2, Autumn 2004. Articles: Architecture and the Sixties, Sound Waves, Robert Frank, "I think if we do beautiful pictures...", What are you looking at?, The precarious museum, Another Time, Another Space, Art Vandal, Private View: The Sun is God, Where There's Life...[8]
  • Tate Etc., Issue 3, Spring 2005. Articles: But is it installation Art?, Anthony Caro, August Strindberg; He is like digging in the Garden Private View: "You can hear the Welding...", The Art of Noise, Salvador Dalí: The first Pop Star of Painting, The Legacy of a Myth Maker, River of Dreams...[9]
  • Tate Etc., Issue 4, Summer 2005. Articles: Bound to Fail, "Thy hand by Nature Guided...", Patron Saint of Lipstick and Lavender Feminism..., "Tune in, Turn on, Light Up"..., Cured by Colour, Mind Fields, "...Lost in Space on a temporarily lucky planet...", The Material World...[10]
  • Tate Etc., Issue 5, Autumn 2005. Articles: The Nude Stripped Bare, The Drink that Fuelled a Nation's Art, "We believe that taste doesn't apply to the honesty of exaggeration"... The Death of the Body, A Celestial Journey, And the Word Was Made Art, The History of Future Technology...[11]
  • Tate Etc., Issue 6, Spring 2006. Articles: Martin Kippenberger, The Art of Documentary, László Moholy-Nagy, the Bauhaus, Josef Albers, the Mona Lisa, Bredekamp and Stafford on Hyperrealism, Patrick McGrath and Louise Welsh on the gothic, MicroTate, Lawrence Norfolk in the Tate archive...[12]
  • Tate Etc., Issue 7, Summer 2006. Articles: Black Moods, Wassily Kandinsky, Oskar Fischinger, The End of Perspective, Mark Rothko, Prisoners of Love, Carl Andre, Private Pleasure for the Public Good, Leonora Carrington, Pierre Huyghe, John Constable, Marcel Duchamp, Howard Hodgkin, Barbara Kruger, James Boswell...[13]
  • Tate Etc., Issue 8, Autumn 2006. Articles: Brian Dillon and Vincent Katz on Erasure, Private View: John Martin, Jan Avgikos, Ryan Gander and Patrick Frey on Fischli/Weiss, Hans Holbein: Messages from a Master, Stepping on Goya’s toes, Will Self, The Real St Ives Story, Deborah Jowitt, Rebecca Smith and Candida Smith on David Smith...[14]
  • Tate Etc., Issue 9, Spring 2007. Articles: Ralph Ubl, Bettina Funcke on Christopher Wool, Wolf Jahn interviews Gilbert & George, Hester Westley on The Locked Room, John Carlin Comic Books, Martin Rowson on William Hogarth, Christy Lange on Mark Wallinger, Mario Vargas Llosa on George Grosz, Keith Miller, Katharina Fritsch, Simon Grant interviews Vija Celmins, TJ Demos...[15]
  • Tate Etc., Issue 10, Summer 2007. Articles: Inner Visions by Söntgen; Out of the Blue by Wozencroft; Excremental Value by Miller; Dalí: Lights, Camera, ...Metamorphosis by Christie; Dalí by Jones, Montes Baquer, Disney, Mekas; A Study in Denim by Daniels; The Master Chameleon by Horn; Warhol by Williams; Hélio Oiticica by Katz, Veloso, Neto, Marepe, Yass; In the Mind’s Eye by Sacks; Dancing the White Darkness by Warner; We Are Here by Campany, Parr, Pavord etc...[16]


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