The Funeral of Phocion

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The Funeral of Phocion
Burial of Phocion.jpg
ArtistNicolas Poussin
Year1648 (1648)
Mediumoil on canvas
LocationNational Museum Cardiff

The Funeral of Phocion is a 1648 landscape painting, also known as The Burial of Phocion, Landscape with the Funeral of Phocion and Landscape with the Body of Phocion Carried out of Athens, by the French artist Nicolas Poussin. Phocion was an Athenian statesman from the 4th century BC.

Three versions of the painting are known. These are now housed in The Louvre, Paris; National Museum Cardiff and the collections of the Glass House in New Canaan, Connecticut, United States.[1]

In the same year Poussin painted a companion piece to The Funeral of Phocion, Landscape with the Ashes of Phocion.


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