The Incredulity of Saint Thomas (Salviati)

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The Incredulity of St. Thomas
Francesco salviati, incredulità di san tommaso, 1543-47 ca. 01.JPG
Dimensions275 cm (108 in) × 234 cm (92 in)
IdentifiersJoconde ID: 000PE027030

The Incredulity of Saint Thomas is a 1543–1547 painting by Francesco Salviati.[1] It was commissioned for the église Notre-Dame-de-Confort in Lyon by Thomas II de Gadagne (also known as Tomaso Guadagni), a Florentine counselor to Francis I of France. It is now held in the Louvre Museum and measures 275 cm by 234 cm. It is signed FRANCESCO SALVIATO FLO. OPUS (S.B.D.) and the apostle shown in three-quarter-profile is a self-portrait of Salviati.[2]

Its choice of subject reflects an anti-Medici political viewpoint shared by commissioner and artist.[3][4] The work proved popular from its arrival in Lyon onwards and was copied by several artists in several media, including an engraving by Master CC.[5] Even after art history began to neglect art produced in and for Lyon, the painting was one of few such works still to be mentioned - for example, it appears in Giorgio Vasari's Lives.[6]


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