Painter and his Pug

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The Painter and His Pug by William Hogarth.jpg

Painter and his Pug is a 1745 self-portrait created by William Hogarth. He began the portrait a decade earlier. The portrait was originally created with the intention of Hogarth wearing formal attire, but was changed to the informal attire sometime during the painting process.[1] He also added his Pug, Trump.

In the portrait, Hogarth himself is in a painting as the pug is alongside him, making the dog "real" as opposed to the created person.[2] The dog is indifferent to the painting, to the books and to the painting palette (which shows Hogarth's Line of Beauty). So the painting seems to be a Vanitas still life. But, as an ironic disruption, the cloth behind the dog comes out of the painting.

The painting is part of the collections of the Tate Gallery.


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