The Sacrifice of Polyxena

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The Sacrifice of Polyxena is the title of several paintings by the Italian artist Giambattista Pittoni showing the Greeks sacrificing king Priam's daughter Polyxena on the tomb of Achilles, her lover, who had died at the hands of Priam's son Paris.


Image Year Format Collection Notes
c.1730 Vertical Hermitage Museum
Giovanni Battista Pittoni - The Sacrifice of Polyxena - Google Art Project.jpg c.1733-1735 Vertical Getty Museum, Los Angeles
Giovanni Battista Pittoni, the younger - The Sacrifice of Polyxena at the Tomb of Achilles - Walters 37512.jpg Unknown Vertical Walters Art Museum Same composition as Hermitage and Getty versions but with the architectural background flipped left to right
1733-1735 Horizontal Louvre Intended as a pendant to the same artist's The Continence of Scipio for the Palazzo Taverna in Rome, Louvre[1]