They Raid by Night

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They Raid by Night
They Raid By Night Orig Poster.jpg
Original theatrical poster
Directed bySpencer Gordon Bennet
Produced byDixon R. Harwin
Screenplay byJack Natteford
StarringLyle Talbot
June Duprez
Music byDavid Chudnow
CinematographyGilbert Warrenton
Edited byCharles Henkel Jr.
Distributed byPRC (US)
Release date
  • June 19, 1942 (1942-06-19) (US)
Running time
73 minutes
CountryUnited States

They Raid by Night is a 1942 American low-budget World War II film directed by Spencer Gordon Bennet and starring Lyle Talbot and June Duprez. It was from Producers Releasing Corporation.

Plot summary[edit]

The story follows the insertion of British Commandos into Norway to rescue a Norwegian general from captivity and take him to the United Kingdom to lead the Free Norwegian Forces.

The film opens with the execution of a British spy who was sent to support partisan activities. A small team is assembled which consists of Capt. Robert Owen, a Canadian, Sgt. Harry Hall, a Briton and a Norwegian called Lt. Erik Falken. The team parachutes in and soon after arriving Falken is recognised by a local woman who reports them to her German lover and Dalberg, a Quisling. A team is sent to capture them but after they overpower their captors and free the general from the prison camp they are soon being pursued by the German authorities.

Once on the road in a captured German car they are attacked and forced to take shelter after Heden is hurt. They send Falken to get assistance from a doctor but he is betrayed once again by the same woman whom he had known when growing up in his hometown. The Germans take Falken alive and, pretending to be the doctor they requested, capture Owen near the house they are hiding in. Hall manages to keep Heden in safety in the house.

Owen misleads the Germans about their escape plans and after the Germans have realised their mistake they are surprised to find that the two prisoners have been freed by Dalberg. Owen and Falken manages to return to Hall and Heden and the party moves off to rendezvous with the incoming commandos and Royal Navy boats.

The film includes real footage from British Commando raids on German occupying forces in Norway in March and December of 1941.

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