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The following is a timeline of the history of the city of Warsaw, Poland.

Prior to 19th century[edit]

See also: History of Warsaw Early history, 1526-1700, 1700-1795

Part of a series on the
History of Poland
Old map of Poland
Prehistory and protohistory
Middle Ages
Piast period10th century – 1385
Jagiellonian period1385–1572
Early Modern
Early elective monarchy1572–1648
Deluge and decline1648–1764
Three partitions1764–1795
Partitioned Poland1795–1918
World War I1914–1918
Second Republic1918–1939
World War II1939–1945
Communist Poland1945–1989
Third Republic1989–present
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19th century[edit]

See also: History of Warsaw 1795-1914

20th century[edit]


See also: History of Warsaw 1795-1914, World War I, 1918-1939, World War II


See also: History of Warsaw Modern times

21st century[edit]

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