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Everyone for Mexico
Todos por México
Leader Party presidents
PRI logo (Mexico).svg Enrique Ochoa Reza
Logo Partido Verde (México).svg Carlos Alberto Puente Salas
Partido Nueva Alianza (México).svg Luis Castro Obregón
Presidential Candidate José Antonio Meade
Founded 15 December 2017 (2017-12-15)[1]
Ideology Liberalism
Green politics
Green conservatism
Political position Centre to Centre-right

Everyone for Mexico (Spanish: Todos por México), is a political coalition encompassing the Institutional Revolutionary Party (PRI), New Alliance (PANAL), and the Ecologist Green Party of Mexico (PVEM) to compete in the Mexican general election, 2018 led by the presumptive nominee José Antonio Meade Kuribreña. The campaign was previously known as Meade Ciudadano por México (Citizen Meade for Mexico) until INE deemed unconstitutional the usage of the name of a political candidate within the name of a coalition, stating that allowing it, would make Meade receive extra benefit from every piece of propaganda of the coalition.[2]

Presidential elections[edit]

Election year Candidate Votes % Outcome Notes
2018 José Antonio Meade TBD TBD Red XN Lost TBD

Congressional elections[edit]

Chamber of Deputies[edit]

Election year Constituency PR # of seats Position Presidency Note
votes % votes %
0 / 500
TBD Enrique Peña Nieto PRI logo (Mexico).svg

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