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Toulouse Business School
École Supérieure de Commerce de Toulouse
Budget56 millions
AffiliationsConférence des grandes écoles, Federal University of Toulouse Midi-Pyrénées, AACSB, AMBA, EQUIS

Founded in 1903 by the Chamber of Commerce and Industry of Toulouse, TBS has always been committed to excellence in the discharge of its mission. By anticipating changes in society, the School helps its students to understand the fractures and to see them as opportunities. Its aim: to train future decision-makers of international calibre, collaborative, agile and responsible.

TBS belongs to the very closed circle of schools holding the triple accreditation AACSB/EQUIS/AMBA. It offers courses of excellence to the 5600 students and learners trained each year in its initial and continuing training programmes.

Ranked among the best European business schools, more than 80 nationalities are represented on its 5 campuses located in Toulouse, Paris, Barcelona, London and Casablanca. With a network of more than 200 partner universities on 5 continents and 70 double degrees created in partnership with the most prestigious higher education institutions, TBS trains a new generation of decision-makers with hybrid skills, responsible and open to the world.

Focused on emerging sectors, the school has developed two clusters of expertise: the first dedicated to Artificial Intelligence and data analysis, the second to aerospace mobility


In 2014, TBS obtains EQUIS accreditation for the 3rd consecutive time, awarded the full 5 year duration, joining an elite selection of business schools

In 2015, TBS launched its development plan 2020, which underpins the following ambitions:

  • An international perspective: nurtures multiculturalism by welcoming a growing number of international students and lecturers and multiply the number of intercontinental courses on offer
  • Academic excellence: spreads the news about the quality of our teaching and research through the recruitment of a high-level teaching body and delivers teaching which is adapted to today’s society and businesses
  • The student experience: creates coherent, inspiring and personalised pathways aimed at lifelong personal and professional development for our students. By putting our money on the cross-fertlisation of skills and innovative teaching methods, TBS aims to train effective and influential players to work in responsible and competitive organisations.

In December 2016, TBS moved from a non-profit status to that of an EESC(Etablissement d’Enseignement Supérieur Consulaire – Consular Higher EducationEstablishment). As a result, TBS, supported by the CCI of Toulouse, has strengthened its independence in terms of management and decision-making and is better able to take charge of its development issues.

In January 2017, Toulouse Business School obtained the Sustainable Development and Social Responsibility quality seal for four years.

School rankings[edit]

Financial Times[edit]

The Toulouse Business School is in 18th position in the 2009 rankings for the best Masters in Management in the Financial Times Rankings.[1] In 2007 the Financial Times article "Leagues of their Own" [2] ranked Toulouse Business School in 9th place of European Business Schools in the category "Top Salaries in Industry". In 2010, the Financial Times ranked the Toulouse Business School as the 16th best Masters of management in the world. More recently, Toulouse Business School was ranked among the top 50 best business schools in Europe.

SMGB rankings[edit]

The 15 Specialized Masters of the Toulouse Business School have been named by the SMGB rankings as the best Bac + 5 / Bac + 6 (graduate level) training programmes.[3]

This ranking, carried out by the SMGB Consulting Offices, a firm specialized in the recruiting and orientation of recent graduates and professionals, is based on three criteria: the reputation that the institution has among human resource directors, professional insertion (salary and jobs) and the level of satisfaction on the part of new graduates upon leaving the schools.


Toulouse Business School has 5 campuses: in Toulouse, Barcelona, Casablanca, Paris and London. All offer a stimulating, multicultural environment in which to study.


Master of Business Administration[edit]

  • Aerospace MBA (taught in English) -- Toulouse Business School created the Aerospace MBA in 1999, targeting Aerospace executives; with an alumni network of up to 500 graduates distributed over 5 continents and 67 countries; the program is AMBA accredited (Association of Masters of Business Administration)
  • Management Consulting MBA (taught in French) -- The Management Consulting MBA is a process focused program with a strong strategic orientation, deliberately adopting inter- and trans disciplinary orientation.

Toulouse Business School offers master's degrees in the following subjects:

Banking and Finance[edit]

  • Banking and Finance
  • Asset Management
  • Financial Engineering and Models
  • Legal Management in Business

Control, Organization and Systems[edit]

  • Internal Audit and Management Accounting
  • Business Intelligence & Strategy
  • Logistics, Purchasing & International Trade
  • Logistics, Purchasing & International Trade, specialization Industrial Management
  • Information System Engineering & Management
  • Human Resources Management

Marketing and Communication[edit]

  • Marketing Management & Communication (French track)
  • Marketing Management & Communication (French track based in Paris)
  • Marketing Management & Communication (English track)

Innovation, Technology and Entrepreneurship[edit]

  • Industrial Company Lawyer
  • Entrepreneurship
  • Managing in Biotechnology Industry
  • Innovation & Technology Management

Sectoral Management[edit]

  • Sport Management
  • Health Management: Industries in Health sector
  • Health Management: Health a& Social services
  • Managing in the Tourism Industry
  • Air Transport Management
  • Marketing & Food Processing Technology

Housing platform[edit]

In order to help students in their search for housing, Toulouse Business School has set up its own housing service available on the school website: http://housing.tbs-education.fr/fr/ Students can find a selection of student residences, landlords and real estate agencies. The housing department also has a support team that help students in their research.

Recent Events in the School's Development[edit]

  • 1987 - Opening of the Marrakech Business School (Morocco)
  • 1991 - Opening of the Silesian International Business School (Katowice, Poland) in collaboration with Strathclyde University (Glasgow, Scotland)
  • 1995 - Duplication of IEDN undergraduate program in ESEC (Barcelona, Spain)
  • 1997 - Duplication of ESC graduate business program in ESEC (Barcelona, Spain)
  • 2000 - Aerospace MBA. Knowledge and practices in management applied to aerospace activities. This program remains unique in Europe
  • 2001 - Toulouse Business School awarded EQUIS accreditation
  • 2002 - Toulouse Business School awarded AMBA accreditation
  • 2003 - Toulouse Business School awarded AACSB accreditation
  • 2005 - Management Consulting MBA. Sponsorized by "Syntec Conseil en Management"
  • 2007 - Opening of ESC graduate business program in Casablanca (Morocco)
  • 2007 - "Jeune entrepreneur" MBA

Notable alumni[edit]


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