Twenty pounds (British coin)

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Twenty pounds
United Kingdom
Value20 pounds sterling
Mass15.71 g
Diameterapprox 27 mm mm
Composition.999 fine silver
Years of minting2013-present
British twenty pound coin 2013 obverse.png
DesignQueen Elizabeth II
DesignerIan Rank-Broadley
Design date1998
British twenty pound coin 2013 reverse.png
DesignSaint George and the Dragon
DesignerBenedetto Pistrucci
Design date1817

The British twenty pound (£20) coin is a commemorative coin, first issued by the Royal Mint in 2013.[1] It is minted in .999 fine silver.[2] Twenty pound coins are legal tender[citation needed] but are intended as souvenirs and are almost never seen in general circulation.


The designs which have appeared on the twenty pound coin's reverse are summarised in the table below.

Welsh Dragon £20[edit]

There has been four editions of the welsh dragon twenty pound coin. The first two being in 2016, the first was with a card featuring the dragon and the other was the coin on a view of the Royal Mint visitor centre. In 2017 the welsh dragon twenty pound coin was struck again featuring the Royal Mint visitor centre on the card. This happened again in 2018 with coin placed on another view of the visitor centre. These 2016, 2017 and 2018 Royal Mint Experience editions were only available from the Royal Mint gift shop.

Year Event Design[3] Edge Inscription Designer
2013 - Saint George and the Dragon Milled Benedetto Pistrucci
2014 The 100th anniversary of the outbreak of the First World War Britannia and a lion on the left-hand side with warships in the background. An inscription above and to the right reads THE FIRST WORLD WAR, and below and to the left of that the dates 1914-1918 Milled John Bergdahl
2015 The 50th anniversary of Sir Winston Churchill's death Winston Churchill Milled Etienne Millner
2015 The Longest Reigning Monarch The five portraits of Queen Elizabeth II to appear on British coinage above the words "EIIR The Longest Reign" Milled Stephen Taylor
2016 90th Birthday of Queen Elizabeth II The royal cypher wreathed and crowned, all surrounded by roses Milled Christopher Hobbs
2016 Welsh Dragon Celebration The Welsh dragon Milled Norman Sillman
2016 Christmas The nativity Milled Gregory Cameron
2017 Platinum Wedding Anniversary of Queen Elizabeth II and Prince Philip Equestrian portrait of the Queen and Prince Philip Milled John Bergdahl


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