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Example citation

{{cite journal|last1=Berger|first1=Vance W|last2=Antsygina|first2=Olga|title=A review of randomization methods in clinical trials|journal=Clinical Investigation|date=December 2015|volume=5|issue=12|pages=847–853|doi=10.4155/cli.15.53|url=http://www.future-science.com/doi/abs/10.4155/cli.15.53}}{{subscription required|via=Future Science Group}}
  • Berger, Vance W; Antsygina, Olga (December 2015). "A review of randomization methods in clinical trials". Clinical Investigation. 5 (12): 847–853. doi:10.4155/cli.15.53. – via Future Science Group (subscription required)