Zarząd Transportu Miejskiego w Warszawie

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Zarząd Transportu Miejskiego w Warszawie
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Zarząd Transportu Miejskiego w Warszawie (lit. Municipal Transport Authority in Warsaw, translated as Warsaw Transport Authority; ZTM Warszawa) is a local authority controlled body managing all means of public transport in Warsaw. The public transport companies running the lines governed by the ZTM are:

It also carries out tasks related to the implementation, management and operation of the Warsaw Public Bicycle system.

In addition to the above, ZTM contracts out some of the bus services to private companies. These include PKS Grodzisk Mazowiecki, Arriva Bus Poland, Europa Express City, Mobilis, KM Łomianki and ITS Michalczewski (until 2016).[1]

ZTM operates an integrated ticketing system based on proof-of-payment and a variety of single-use, time-limited, and long-term ticket types valid across tram, bus, rail, and metro lines.[2]


Świętokrzyska metro station

Warsaw Metro[edit]

ZTM operates Warsaw Metro (Metro Warszawskie Sp. z o.o.), an urban rapid transit rail system, service is provided by 30 carriages. Metro Warszawskie now comprises two lines with 27 stations and a total length of 29 kilometres (18 mi).

Tram in Warsaw, photographed on Slasko-Dabrowski Bridge


Tramwaje Warszawskie company, managed by ZTM, operates a tram network comprising 27 tram lines measuring 138 kilometres in length. Tram service is provided by 584 carriages, of which 63% are modern low floor carriages. The routes are currently undergoing further expansion.

Warsaw SKM

City Rail[edit]

Local Fast City Rail provides services in the Warsaw metropolitan area, on already existing railway routes managed by PKP Polskie Linie Kolejowe.

The carrier operating the SKM lines is Szybka Kolej Miejska Sp. z o.o.

The company was originally incorporated as a joint venture between the City of Warsaw with 50% shares and the companies Metro Warszawskie Sp. z o.o. with 49% shares and Tramwaje Warszawskie Sp. z. o.o. with 1% shares, both owned entirely by the city and responsible respectively for the Metro and Tram system.

Rail transport is the fastest mean of communication in the agglomeration, reaching a commercial speed of around 40 km/h.


Warsaw bus system is divided between several companies, including Miejskie Zakłady Autobusowe, Europa Express City, Mobilis, PKS Grodzisk Mazowiecki and Arriva Bus Transport Polska. Only MZA and KM Łomianki are owned by the City.


Veturilo bike rental system was launched in 2012. The system currently offers over 3 thousand bicycles in 204 rental stations. In 2015, the system was used by 375 thousand users.


Warsaw area is split into two zones. Zone A is the central parts of the city. Ticket fares have a slight price difference between these zones. For instance in January 2018, a one-day ticket for zone A was priced at 15 zł (7 zł for reduced), a zone A+B one-day travel ticket was 26 zł, single 20-min ticked priced at 3,40 zł (zone A only), 75-min at 4,40 (zone A only) and 90-min (zones A+B) at 7 zł.

There is one ticket tariff for every mode of transportation. Tickets can be purchased at ticket machines all over the city.

Chief executive officers[edit]

ZTM logo (2011-2018)
From To Name Ref.
1992 1999 Kazimierz Kulig [3]
1999 2000 Bogdan Bator
2000 2003 Przemysław Prądzyński
2003 2006 Robert Czapla
2006 2013 Leszek Ruta
2013 2013 Andrzej Franków
2013 Wiesław Witek [4]

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